Emma Question #27


Hi Joshua,

I really love astrology. Reading my horoscopes, learning about the different transits and aspects of the planets. What's your take on astrology?


Dear Emma,

I you are interested in something and you enjoy it, then anything you need to learn can come from the exploration of that subject. However, it is for you to personally determine what anything means to you. You can take the information and form empowering beliefs or you can form limiting beliefs. We ask you to create as many empowering beliefs as you can while simultaneously reducing the intensity of any limiting beliefs.

We will say this on the topic of Astrology: you chose the time and place of your birth in order to launch you on a trajectory toward that which you intended to explore. Therefore, the time and place of birth have significance. The position of the universe at the time and place of your birth is the mechanism by which one can record the physical time and place of an event. Do the stars create the trajectory or do they simply mark it's place within a space-time construct? That is for you to determine.

Most of what you know of Astrology is an attempt by humans to recognize patterns and assign the general patterns to certain specific space-time dates or markers. This is all very good, yet due to the way in which you perceive things differently, your observations must be very general. You are also unique in how you perceive your reality and how you pursue your trajectory.

The issue we have with Astrology is that it tends to cause people to believe that there are only a limited number of possible trajectories and that you have been assigned certain pursuits, traits, personalities, etc. This is not true. There are infinite possible trajectories and infinite ways to pursue exploration. You have free will and can decide to go off your trajectory at any time you like. You can pursue that which you intended to explore prior to your birth, but once you're here, you can find something else you are interested in. It's always up to you.

So enjoy the subject of Astrology and use what you are learning about universal forces to refine your beliefs and ideas about the subject. It is all good and it should remain fun. However, nothing found in the stars or on a chart can ever define you. You are defined by the vibration you emit and you are in complete control over that vibration.