Emma Question #26


Hi Joshua,

Sometimes when I meditate, my head and fingers start moving around. It's not involuntary or anything, but it just feels like the right thing to do. I'm interested to know what this means? Is it my body adjusting to the higher vibration or something?


Dear Emma,

When you meditate, you become more blended with your inner self. As a blended being, your inner self can flow more easily though you. Your inner self can communicate with you and can even inspire you. When you are inspired to move your head and fingers, you are receiving guidance from your inner self.

While this is more easily accomplished in the meditative state, guidance is being sent and received by you all of the time. When a thought pops into your head, that is guidance. When you can't remember a name and suddenly it comes to you, that is guidance. When you've lost your keys and are inspired to look in a drawer, you are receiving guidance. You might have thought that it was your own thoughts, but it was simply guidance.

Communication with the nonphysical ream is the most natural thing in the universe. You are meant to be in constant and direct communication with your inner self. You emotions are one form of guidance, but there is much more. You can communicate with your inner being anytime you like. All you have to do is ask and listen for the answer. Meditation is extremely helpful when it comes to communication with the nonphysical. The meditative state creates a open portal to the nonphysical realm. When Abraham first communicated with Ester Hicks while in meditation, they moved her head and spelled out the alphabet with her nose. When she realized what was happening, she opened the channel of communication with Abraham. When Gary first started meditating we came in as a very obvious presence in his head and jaw.

He could feel us because his jaw was physically formed in such a way that it was easy for us to create specific and noticeable vibrations emanating from his jaw and into his skull. Once he realized there was a presence with him during meditation, he started communicating with us. After a while, we were able to open and close his mouth and also move his head. He was very open and receptive to the idea of channeling and our communication, even if he never imagined he would become a channel himself.

You were meant to explore physical reality in unison with your nonphysically-focused inner self. You never intended to go it alone. You want to become more and more blended with your inner self and receive guidance every step of the way. You are receiving thoughts which come from your inner self. You can pay more attention to those thoughts and follow that guidance. Your inner self will never tell you what not to do, it will only lead you in the direction of what is wanted. In order to keep the channel of communication open, you must maintain a positive emotional state of being. You must consciously and consistently strive to feel good. The communication can be heard best when feeling good.

If you feel bad, you will receive urges designed to make you feel better, but these urges are not coming from your inner self. They are simply reflex responses to the negative emotional state you're in. They do nothing to bring you closer to that which you truly desire. If you are in a bad mood and you snap at your mother, that is an attempt to control the conditions in order to help you feel better, but it really doesn't do anything to move you closer to what you truly want.

From a high emotional state of being, you will receive guidance and inspiration to act. The inspiration will lead you to an action that will move you toward that which you want. This is a key component in the manifestation of any desire. You want something and at some point you must take certain actions that will move you closer and closer to the vibrational equivalent of your desire. If you do not receive the inspiration (or if you receive it but do not act), you will not make progress toward the manifestation. However, if you can receive inspiration, realize that it is guidance, and move through fear, you will receive manifestation after glorious manifestation.

It is excellent that you are meditating and becoming more aware of your inner self. Allow the lines of communication to grow stronger and louder. Create some momentum by asking questions and receiving answers. Act in the moment you are inspired to act.

Work through the fear and take the action. No matter how small or insignificant, if you are inspired to do something, just do it!