Emma Question #25


Hi Joshua,

Ok - so all our reality is that we are experiencing is a reflection of our own beliefs. If our beliefs change, our reality changes to match. We have desires and the universe is working to mold us into people with the beliefs necessary to be a match to what we desire. But now that I know all of this, can I reach a level of being able to bypass some of the molding process and move straight to the beneficial belief?

Since I know anything I decide to believe will become true, I can simply make the decision to believe that things I want are coming to me very soon? I don't need outside evidence to show me it's possible, I can just make the choice to believe things anyway, simply because I know anything I believe with certainty will be reflected back to me. I sort of see this as a next level! Am I on the right track here?


Dear Emma,

That is quite right. Your perception of your own reality is predicated on the beliefs you hold. Alter those beliefs in any way and you not only alter your perception, but your actual reality. It will all be different.

So then, what is the difference between how you perceive your reality and your actual reality? What you perceive to be true is true for you, but it isn't necessarily true in the absolute. You may believe yourself to be an average person no more special or worthy than any other. This is simply your perception based on your beliefs. However, the truth of the matter is that you are as special and as worthy as anyone else. Along the way you may have adopted beliefs from others and now your perception of reality is based on these beliefs. You believe that you should be in a serious relationship at your age. This is a belief handed down to you by someone else. It is a limiting and false belief. However, because of this belief, you perceive your reality in a way that really isn't true.

You came here to explore physical reality in your own unique way. So did everyone else. However, some people like to involve you in their perception of reality when it has nothing to do with who you are or what you came to explore. Your parents, teachers, peers, and others in your society think they know what's best. However, they don't really even know what's best for them, let alone anyone else. They don't even know how the universe works and they go around disregarding universal laws and asking you to operate just as they do.

Yes. Believe what is empowering and beneficial and leave the rest behind. If it's not for you, you don't need it. If you didn't sign up for that experience, you can leave it alone. Let others worry about it or explore it if they wish. There is nothing you need to do or be just because someone else believes it. You do not have to believe anything other than what is right for you. Think about what you want and why you want it. If you think it will be fun, exciting, or interesting, then it is worth pursuing. If you think you should do something just because others are doing it or wanting you to do it, well then that is not for you, is it?

Generally, it is more effective to allow the universe to place you in manifestation events that will cause you to feel negative emotion. This is how you know that you have a limiting belief. There is some irrational fear popping up and you have the opportunity to address it through the art of analysis. If you can sort it out right then and there, you will reduce the intensity of the limiting belief and your reality will make a little shift and your vibration will rise. That is very good. However, if you are very close to the subject, you might argue with the conditions and increase your resistance. Few people have the presence of mind to analyze their fears during a manifestation event. If you can do it soon after the event is over, that too will work.

You might also be able to analyze your fears through writing or introspection. You might think about a desire, allow a negative thought to arise, feel the emotion in that thought, and analyze the limiting belief that brought forth the fear. This is quite an advanced technique. Will it work for you? That is for you to determine.

Imagine that you have a desire to be involved in a loving relationship. What fears come up for you? There are no available men at work or home? Is this true? Are you certain it's true? Can you find examples that prove it's false? Can you have faith that the universe is bringing you a match? Can you find examples in your own experience where the universe brought you a match to a desire and your desire manifested?

When you birth a desire, the universe is bringing it to you. You are not a vibrational match to what you want because your vibration is not fully aligned with your desire. You do not really know what you want. You believe that you cannot have it all. You cannot find a guy who is not married, not already living in your "small" town, not good enough, not whatever, and so on and so forth. Do you feel the dissonance in your desire? You are trying to figure it all out.

We suggest that you relax about all of your desires and try not to figure it all out on your own. instead, have a little faith that the universe will bring you what you need when you are ready. Do not think too much about the future, instead enjoy each day. All you have to do is keep feeling good and stay in a receptive mood so that you can receive the guidance that will come to you. Be confident that you will receive the most elegant manifestation of your desire. Do not think about the timing. When you are ready and when everything lines up, it will come. The fact that you do not see it coming and notice that it isn't here causes the dissonance in your vibration.

Your vibration must give forth one signal. If you have serval signals going in all directions, the signal becomes noisy and unclear. An example of a noisy signal is thinking that you want a guy like this, but not like that and not if I have to do this or that. He can't be this and he can't be that, but maybe he won't like this or that about me. What if this happens or that happens? That would be good, but that might be bad. Do you see how you might give mixed signals to the universe and how hard it will be for the universe to deliver you someone who can fit within the muddled and complex set of restrictions?

A better approach would be to think about the feeling you want and allow the universe to work everything out. Feel love. Feel acceptance. Feel confident. Feel secure. Feel courageous. Feel trusting. Feel open to new beliefs and new ideas. Release your attachments to your old ideas. Release you attachment to what other people might think. Prepare yourself for a new relationship. Do whatever you would do if you new your mate was coming home. When he does arrive you can say, "I knew you were coming and I'm happy you're here." Of course, there's no rush. You have all the time in the world.

With our love and continued faith in you,
We are Joshua