Emma Question #24


Hi Joshua,

I think the main thing I have been working on and trying to manifest for years is a relationship. I have just been really wanting to find the next answer and clear all of my blocks to it. I guess me believing I have lots of blocks to clear around this is a limiting belief in itself? Anyway, I have been thinking about it more today and realise I just want it to manifest as soon as possible so I can feel better about myself and relax. I just feel very inadequate for being single and because of the fact I have never been in a committed relationship.

I want to manifest a relationship straight away to cure my inadequacy and also to show myself that there is nothing wrong with me and I will not be single forever (which is another fear). When I ask myself why I don't want to feel inadequate, the answer is that I don't want people to pity me or think less of me or think something is wrong with me. I have a persona I am trying to maintain. But when I ask myself why is it important to maintain this persona and make sure people view me in a favourable way, no answer comes up. Can you help me out with this?


Dear Emma,

You are right. There is no reason to maintain your persona because it is a limited and fabricated version of you. It is not who you really are. Remember, you are the most wonderful person in the world. That's who you really are. Of course, so is everyone else.

You may certainly manifest a relationship if you want to. But the why is the most important part. Do you want a relationship because it will be fun, exciting, erotic, and easy, or do you want one so that people won't pity you? Think about the why first. Who cares if you get a relationship now or later? Wouldn't it be best to be vibrationally ready first? Do you really want a relationship when you are between the former version of you and the evolved version of you? You want to attract someone when you are at your vibrational peak, fully aligned with what you truly want and who you really are. If you attract someone from a desire to not be pitied, we think you might actually be pitied. That relationship might be pitiful.

There's nothing wrong with you. You are the perfect person for so many people. There is not one person who is right for you, there are countless numbers of soul mates who would relish a relationship with you. It's just that your signals are mixed and there's nothing wrong with that.

The nice thing about physical reality is that you can resist that which you want. If you are not ready, resistance is a good thing to have. When you are ready, you'll ease your resistance and receive that which you want from a place of alignment. Worrying that you haven't had a long relationship or that you may never have one is not in alignment with anything. Believing that it is all coming when you are ready and being excited by the possibility is perfectly aligned with the laws of the universe.

So why not think about it this way: "I have wanted to be in a relationship for a long time, but I have not been ready. I enjoyed being single because it was fun. However, I feel that I am becoming ready for a relationship and I am now excited about that. I understand that there is a little more work for me to do vibrationally and I am in the middle of that right now. I know that as soon as I am a vibrational match to the person I really want, it will happen. Until then, I shall practice being aligned, I shall work on feeling good, I shall not worry about the timing, and I shall keep my eyes open. I am very much looking forward to being in a relationship and I am pre-paving what I want by focusing on the easy and fun aspects of what a relationship will be like."

You are becoming ready. This conversation with us will help you to become ready. You will be a different person at the end of this conversation than you were when you started. It is a very good thing you do not have a relationship now, because that one would have been formed by the person you were. Your new relationship will come as a result of the person you are becoming. That is a very high vibrational person and you will attract a match to that evolved version of you.

Be patient and get into alignment. Do not notice that the relationship has not arrived. Look for opportunities and coincidences. If you are inspired to act, act, but do not become attached to any outcome. There is a process. You have asked for a relationship and one is coming. However, you can be choosey remembering that the person you choose will be a match to the evolved and high-vibrational version of Emma.

With our love,
We are Joshua