Emma Question #23


Hi Joshua,

I know certain conditions in the body point to certain types of resistance within us. I was just wondering what the resistance is that causes sore toes and ingrown toenails? I'm thinking fear of moving forward, or resistance to growth, something like that? What's the best way to figure these sort of things out?


Dear Emma,

You are right. Unwanted physical conditions can point to specific areas of resistance. Certainly, issues with your feet would imply a resistance to moving forward in a new understanding of reality and your place in the world. In this conversation with us, we will talk to you about a new approach to life. This approach works within the laws of the universe and the system as a whole. However, it is quite different than your current approach, which has been adopted due to the overt influence of your society.

The new approach to life is one of receiving rather than coercing. It's one of allowing rather than doing. In a receptive universe such as this, you are a receiver, not a taker. So then, as you are coming to a new understanding of how reality really works, you are confronted with your current approach to life. You can feel yourself entering a new dimension. You are embarking on a new path. This might seem a little scary as you are coming to understand that all possibilities are available to you and your life is quite literally limitless.

If you were to live a limitless life as Emma, what would this mean to all you now know? It would mean that all your relationships would change. It would mean that you are not confined to your home, your family, your career, your country, or your current view of the world. it might feel as though you could be leaving that all behind and the fear of loss associated with this idea is troublesome. You may not have even consciously thought about this before, but unconsciously, you have always known this transition would come.

However, do not fear. because there is nothing to fear. You cannot lose anyone and you don't have to leave anything behind. You can literally be, do, and have anything you desire. You can have it all. You can experience limitlessness and maintain your current relationships. Your fear of loss or change is irrational. As you become limitless, you move toward love and from a place of love, you will receive everything you truly desire, including all that you now desire as long as you still want it.

There is no one or the other in a limitless life. You can have this and that, not this or that. You receive all that you want in the most elegant manner possible. It's just from your current state, which by definition is limited, you cannot see how all of it could possibly manifest at the same time. Do not worry about that. You are on a journey of self-discovery and you are following the path you intended to follow prior to your birth into this reality. Everything is working out perfectly. You notice a little resistance and you are wise enough to understand that there is a meaning to be found in the resistance. It can now be released by stating affirmations such as the following:

"I am on a path of self-discovery and everything I want is also on this path."

"I can move forward in safety and love confidently knowing that I am supported and guided every step of the way."

I am a limitless being and this means that I can have, be, and do anything I desire."

"I cannot lose anyone or anything because I can have it all if I truly want it."

"On my journey of self-discovery, I will naturally move forward and enter new phases. Each phase will bring me to a new level of understanding and expansion, but that does not mean that I will lose anything I love from previous stages. I can bring it all with me."

"I have faith that the universe is always guiding me toward what is wanted and what is needed. Knowing this, I never have to worry about the future. I know the future will unfold as long as I allow it. When I feel signs of resistance, I will acknowledge them and identify the fears that cause the resistance. Without fear, there would be no resistance. I know I am here to encounter and analyze my fears and to deal with them as they arise."

Resistance is just a sign of fear. There is nothing to fear because everything is always working out for you. It may not seem like it at times, but that's because your perspective is a bit limited. When you look at anything from the higher perspective, your fears will be eased.

With all our love,
We are Joshua