Emma Question #22


Hi Joshua,

I want to ask about the benefits of visualization. I know that our only job is to feel good, and that our inner beings know exactly what our desires are so we do not have to tell the universe that. But does visualizing the final outcome of a desire help it to move along faster since you are practicing the vibration of it?


Dear Emma,

That is an excellent question. Let's work it out together.

The purpose of physical reality is to expand through physical experience. Obviously, in the nonphysical realm, everything is nonphysical and so when you want to manifest something, you simply think of it and there it is. In the physical realm, some things are nonphysical, such as thoughts and ideas. The idea is to manifest these into a physical representation. Why is that interesting? Because you are taking something that is nonphysical and bringing if forth into a physical thing or experience. Why would you do that? To experience the feeling of it and to expand as a result of it.

Imagine a great painter. She receives inspiration. She has an image in her mind. It could be quite abstract. She thinks about it and then she paints it. The finished product is the physical representation of her thoughts and her idea of what the art would represent or express as it exists in physical reality. Ultimately, the physical representation gives her a feeling. She did not want the painting, she wanted the feeling of the painting as she viewed it. Those who see the art will also receive feelings. The feelings might be different for everyone, but it is the feeling that the art brings forth that is the real manifestation.

Think of a great musician. He receives a song in his head and he brings the song to life. He gets a little piece of it and that inspires him to write it out and work on it. When he is finished, he might bring it to his band and each member adds their part to it. When they are done, they will perform the song for an audience. The song once existed in a nonphysical form and was brought forth into physical reality through inspiration. The musician did not conceive the song. It was always there. The musician had the desire to write (bring forth) a great song and so he came into the vibrational vicinity of it. He got a piece of it and he tuned his vibration so that he could receive more and more of it. Then each member of the band found more pieces of it and they all brought it into physical reality as a completed song. But the song is not really the manifestation, it's the feelings it brings forth that is the real manifestation.

Imagination is a wonderful and powerful creative tool. You can imagine a house in great detail. You can imagine building that house. You can hire an architect and a contractor and build the house you imagine. It can all come together exactly as you have conceived it in your mind. But where did the idea to build the house come from? Why did you want to build a house? Why did you birth that desire? How did you receive the image of the house that you would eventually build? What will you feel when the house is complete. What will everyone involved feel? That is the interesting part of the story.

You think that one day you woke up and suddenly decided to build a house and so you took the steps and in a year your house was manifested in your physical reality. But the house started long before that. You may have lived in a certain type of house as a child. You may have had a friend who had a different style home. You may have not appreciated your childhood home and so a desire for something different was created early on. You then gravitated to magazines and TV shows about houses and decorating. You formed an idea for a certain style that appealed to you. You moved in the direction of these interests. You met people who built their own homes. You may have met a builder and an architect even before you came to the conclusion that you would build a house. All these things led step by step to the manifestation of the house. You were thinking and dreaming of the house long before you thought it was even a possibility.

So, did you actively visualize the house? Certainly. Did you stick to the same image or did the image evolve over time? It evolved as you followed your interests and adjusted your beliefs. One day you came to the step where you had the confidence to hire an architect and a builder. You experienced fear as you made this decision, but you pushed past those fears. When the home was completed and you walked through the door, you felt a feeling. It was the feeling you manifested, not the house.

Now, if the feeling was pride and accomplishment, then you received the feeling you wanted. If you felt worthiness, satisfaction, and joy, then the manifestation of this creation was a success. However, if you were doing this to prove your worthiness, well then that really didn't do anything for you. This is a very important point.

In the manifestation of something seemingly so big, there are two approaches. The first approach is to create something which will appear to justify your worthiness and validate your existence. It will show others that you are good. In this case the manifestation process will be quite difficult and painful, but still possible. The second approach involves the manifestation of the idea because the idea was inspired and feels exciting and adventurous. It involves interest and passion and while it may feel difficult at times, it is ultimately a joyous path toward the creation of an inspired idea.

In the first approach, the manifestation of the idea (which is to prove worthiness) results in a manifestation that does not create feelings of worthiness because it was constructed based on a false desire. The person might feel a sense of accomplishment, but the desire to feel worthy in the eyes of others will not come. In fact, it is likely the person will feel even less worthy in the eyes of others since this feat did not help him feel more worthy.

In the second approach, the person felt worthy since she already felt worthy. The desire was not to make others see her as worthy, but to create something that was born out of interest and passion. The final result brought feelings of satisfaction and worthiness, because she already felt worthy. It intensified those feelings.

The manifestation of anything intensifies pre-existing feelings. If you feel good, then the manifestation will make you feel even better. If you feel bad, then the manifestation, no matter how glorious it seems, will cause you to feel worse. That's why we ask you to work on feeling good first and then allow inspiration to follow.

Visualizing the final product is a wonderful thing as long as it feels good. If you think about something you don't have and that feels bad, then think about it in a different way or think about something else. Always focus on what feels good and you'll be in a receptive state open to inspiring thoughts and ideas. When you receive inspiration from a good-feeling state of being, you can act on that knowing that it will be for your highest good.

Imagine not feeling good because you are worried about bills you need to pay. When you think about winning the lottery, you are simply visualizing a way out of your worry. You are not focusing on the things that exist in your life that make you feel good. You are visualizing a false desire. Everything will seem more difficult and by focusing on this false desire, you might miss the inspiration that would lead to what you truly want. In this example, you are looking at life from a state of desperation and in an attractive universe, this is not an ideal state of mind.

So visualize whatever feels good, but take an account of your emotional state of being beforehand. Make sure that what you are visualizing is something that will add to the rich and varied experience of your life, rather than something that will take you away from conditions you perceive as bad or wrong. Move forward into something desired, not away from something unwanted. But most importantly, do not become attached to the exact thing you are visualizing. From your limited perspective, you cannot picture the most elegant manifestation of your desire. If things seem like they are not working out, that is the illusion. Things are always going your way as long as you don't resist them.

With our love,
We are Joshua