Emma Question #21


Hi Joshua,

In one of your answers to someone else, you wrote that our inner beings have their own inner being who also has an inner being and so forth. I was just wondering if this also goes the other way - am I the inner being to some other "lower" form of consciousness of me? Like the me in my dreams or something?


Dear Emma,

If you were the inner self of another life, you would know it. You would be completely aware of the life of this extension of yourself. You would hear every thought and know every desire. You would know what your extended self truly wants, why it is resisting it, and the path of least resistance to the manifestation of each and every desire. You would hold onto the higher perspective and focus strongly on that so that your extended self could know whether she was on track or off track. Your extended self would feel emotion, just as you do now. As an inner self, you would hold tight to the perspective that would allow your inner self to receive all that she truly wanted.

By understanding how you would function as the inner self of an extended self, you can gain some insight as to how your inner self works with you. First of all, your inner self is you, so there is absolutely no separation. You may not understand the feeling of your inner self. You may not recognize that your thoughts are shared with your inner self. You may not feel the intimate presence that is there always with you. You may not even know that you are in constant and unbreakable communication with your inner self. However, you are one and the same. The only difference is that you are not that aware of your inner self, but your inner self is absolutely and completely aware of you to the tiniest detail. In fact, your inner self is far more aware of you than you are of yourself.

Your inner self simply knows more. She knows who your really are; your authentic self. She knows what you really want; your true desires. She knows what you are thinking and whether those thoughts are in or out of alignment with who you really are and what you truly want. She makes you aware of your perspective through the use of emotion. If your perspective is in alignment, you feel good. If it is out of alignment, you feel bad. Your inner self can see things from a much higher and broader perspective. Your perspective is always limited. Have faith that your inner self can sees things and know things that you cannot. Trust that your emotions and letting you know that you are wanting things or people to be different than they are and that this is not helpful. When you experience negative emotion, you are simply experiencing irrational fear because you think something is going wrong when it is really going right. So stop that and trust that everything is going right, it's just that you can't see that right now.

Imagine that you had an extended self that you were guiding through a physical life. Would you tell the life what to do? No, it's the life of the extension of you, and you want that being to experience life in a real, physical way. If the life birthed a desire, would you help it reach that desire? Certainly. That would be your primary function. Could the life ask for and receive a desire that you did not think was best for her? Certainly, because you are not choosing the desires of the life, you are facilitating them and you are never judging what the life does or wants.

Isn't that interesting? From your human perspective, you might assume that there were good ways to live life and bad ways. However, from your broader and wiser perspective, you know that there is no wrong and therefore there is no wrong way to experience life. So you would not have a preference for the type of experience your extended life would choose. You would know their intentions prior to their birth into the environment as well as their true desires. Otherwise, your extended life would be completely free to explore physical reality in any way and that way would always be the perfect way as far as you were concerned.

No, you are not the inner self of another being, yet by asking this question you have gained a greater awareness of your inner self's function. You can communicate with your inner self any time you like. This is not only possible, it is in the basic design of the system. Since you are not aware of this ability, you might not have tried it before. The more you practice, the better your receptive talents will become. You can ask your inner self anything, but you will never be told what to do. You have freewill and this is your life. You can have, be, and do anything you like. Your inner self is only there for support, but you can access this support any time you like.

With love and affection,