Emma Question #20


Hi Joshua,

This last week I have been experiencing something weird. I keep getting head spins, particularly when I move my head while laying down. It's weird because this is something I have never experienced before (except maybe when drunk lol). So I'm guessing it must be pointing out some sort of resistance I have going on. Any hints for me on what it could be?


Dear Emma,

While it is true that unwanted physical conditions are often caused by resistance, this one might be caused by change. You are changing. Your vibration is rising. You are learning to see your world from a completely new perspective. You are altering how you approach life. You are changing and your body is also changing, especially your brain. Perception is a mental exercise, is it not? When you alter your perception of your reality, you also alter your mind. How you view your world with your eyes is processed by your brain. Your five physical senses receive input from the outer world and all of this is brought together and processed by your brain. That is the function of the brain. When your head feels dizzy, it is your brain processing the information which causes you to experience the sensation of dizziness.

So then, we would say that this unwanted condition is simply a sign of progress and transition. Is it even unwanted? Is it even unpleasant? It's just unusual because you have not made such great alteration of your consciousness before.

You can regard unusual physical conditions as a problem or a message or even a sign of transition. When a physical condition involves pain or discomfort, it is a message signaling you to some strong resistance. In these cases it's very good to examine those areas of resistance in your life and deal with the issue. If this current condition is painful or causes discomfort, then there is some resistance that you must resolve. If it's just weird, then it will go away as soon as you've reached a vibrational balance in this new period in your life.

With our love,
We are Joshua