Emma Question #2


Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the answer, I already feel a little bit less worried about money now. I can see that the only reason I want money is to be able to experience or have certain things in my life, and the reason I want to save money is to feel safe and secure. But why should I require a savings account to feel secure when the whole entire universe is looking after me, right? I just need to focus on the things I want to use the money on, and be open to the possibility that they could come into my life in any number of ways, not just by me earning money.

A word that really stuck out for me in your answer was "doubter". I think I have been being a bit of a doubter! It's like I have been collecting all this knowledge but not actually embodying it. It's like I'm scared to put 100% faith in it and I always have a little bit of doubt in the background. I think the reason for this is because I am scared of getting my hopes up too high and then being disappointed. I'm scared of feeling disappointed. I know I shouldn't be scared of experiencing a feeling - that's irrational! How can I stop being so scared of disappointment and reduce the doubt?


Dear Emma,

That's exactly right. The universe is fully supporting you in every essence of the word. You want money because you feel it gives you the freedom to do what you want to do. However, it is that idea which is actually quite limiting. You think if you have money, then you can do what you want. Therefore, if you don't have money, you cannot do what you want. If you come to fully integrate the idea that the universe will provide you with whatever you want if you will simply allow it, then you can become an allower rather than one who works and lives for money.

Now, we certainly understand that this is a foreign concept for many people living in modern cultures with access to money and all the things money can buy, so we are going to go a little deeper. Imagine that you win the lottery today. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well of course it is a good thing, but does it really do anything for you other than allow you to believe that now, finally, you have enough money to do what you want? No, and it doesn't even do that. If you are worried about money now, you will always be worried about money no matter how much you accumulate. You see it is a habit of thought and limited perspective, not an actual relationship to money. You are developing the habit now and unless you stop it soon, it will be with you always, even if you are able to amass a fortune.

If you could do away with the subject of money altogether, you would be much better off. Money will one day no longer exist in your society. There will come a day when everyone understands how the universe works and at that time people will give up the idea of money as it is now understood. Money is a limitation because you rely on it so much that you are not aware of all the other ways that desires can manifest.

First of all, you never birth a desire for a specific thing; it's always for the feeling you think the thing will bring you. If you want to go on a cruise, it's not the cruise you want, it's the feeling of freedom, fun, new experiences, etc. You think the cruise might get you there and if you are focused on that one channel, then as the universe brings you opportunities for all these things, you miss them because the cruise is the only option you believe will bring you what you want.

That is how hope and disappointment work together. You have a desire and as your desire starts to fill in, you hope it will come. However, you have become so specific on how the desire should manifest that when it doesn't play out exactly as you dreamed, you become disappointed and from this lower emotional state of being, you cut off any other way the desire can manifest. You miss the boat so to speak because you are attached to the specific outcome.

In this time we have together, we are going to teach you about a different approach to life. In this new approach to life, you see that everything is right and that everything happens for you and nothing ever happens to you. You give up control and become an allower. You will actively mange your fear by analyzing all the little irrational fears that pop up and you will slowly and surely begin to reduce the intensity if limiting beliefs while simultaneously raising the intensity of beneficial beliefs. You will take what you know about the laws of the universe and you will apply them to your life. You will stop trying to make things happen and you will focus on the feeling of what you want and allow the universe to bring you manifestation after sweet manifestation.

Most of all, you will give up your attachment to specific outcomes. You will allow everything to play out. You will no longer judge everything as good and bad, right or wrong, you will see the good and right in everything and you will allow for the fact that others cannot yet see what you see. When you detach yourself from a specific outcome and allow whatever happens to happen, you unlock all the possibilities. You become limitless.

Having doubt is not a bad thing, it's just limiting. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. That's who you really are. We are going to spend a little time exploring that in full detail. You are moving from fear to love in the process of discovering who you really are. Fear is limiting, love is limitless. Think about how you are limiting yourself as you go about your day today and ask us about something specific tomorrow.

With all our love and gratitude,
We are Joshua