Emma Question #19


Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your last answer. I think it is really starting to click for me now. By me thinking that I am somehow not good enough, I am saying that there is a right and wrong way to be, and that is not the case, as everything is right. Everybody is right as their unique selves and can attract to them people who appreciate them as they are. I think I'm really starting to understand now that my perception of how people view me is only a reflection of how I view myself.

I have been wanting the world to show me that I am a good person before I am willing to believe it, but it's just not how the universe works. I have to feel good about myself now and my reality will reflect that back to me. I guess that's where my sciencey analytical brain gets in the way a bit. On the one hand, it led me to wanting to find out more about how the universe works, which led me to you guys, which is a good thing. But it also means I like to understand how things work and see the proof behind theories before I am willing to believe them. But I guess operating from this viewpoint means I am saying that there is only one truth, which is not the case.

Anything that I choose to believe is true because it will be reflected back to me in my reality. So it's a new way for me to operate, just deciding to believe something before I have even seen evidence for it (eg. me being the most wonderful person on the planet), but I will try my best at it and hopefully it will become natural for me! A part of me still worries - is this really going to work though, me deciding to just believe something, or am I only pretending to believe it and not really actually feeling it? I guess the evidence I can use to back these new beliefs is simply my understanding of how the universe works!


Dear Emma,

That's exactly right. You believe something and the outer world reflects that belief back to you. You can find evidence of this exact thing happening in your own experience. It happens all the time. What you believe is reflected back to you. The tricky part is that you believe something to be true and so it is, but you think the true thing came before the belief. it did not. The belief comes first and then the truth of that belief is simply a reflection of the belief.

How does one adopt a belief? Through first-hand experience or from another person. You are told something from someone else and suddenly you believe it. If the person has some authority, you take them at their word and adopt their belief. You have no firsthand experience of the matter, yet you believe them anyway. And so you end up with a set of beliefs that are both empowering and limiting. These beliefs are reflected back to you in your reality and so your reality is greatly influenced by your beliefs. We come and say that you create your own reality. What does that even mean? If your reality is a reflection of your beliefs, how can you possibly create your reality? Because you have complete control over every single belief you have.

You control your reality because you are in complete control of your beliefs. If this is true (and it is) then you can reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs and increase the intensity of empowering beliefs. Let's begin:

You are absolutely worthy of anything you desire. This is a highly beneficial belief and it is true. You came here to explore physical reality in your own unique way with the ability to create your reality. This is true of everyone. When you landed here on Earth, you were taught to judge things and the first thing you judged was yourself. You compared yourself to others and found that you compared favorably to some and unfavorably (based on your own opinion) to others. This caused you to believe that there was some hierarchy and that if you wanted to be included among those you saw as better, you had to be better yourself. You felt less than them and so you wanted to be included in that group in order to feel good about yourself.

But there never was any hierarchy. Everyone is equal because everyone is worthy. Every person is exploring reality in their own unique way and all are valid. You cannot be better or worse than anyone. It simply is not in the design of the universe. You are equal to everyone no matter how high or low you judge them to be. Judgment is not a helpful tool when it comes to other people. Judge all as good and right and you will consider yourself to be among the good.

If you can come to believe that all people are equally worthy, but have chosen to explore reality in their own unique way, then you can release your judgment of others. Once you do that, you set yourself free from the judgment of yourself. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. You don't have to behave in a way that makes others feel good just so they will like you. You don't have to tell the truth or lie to anyone. It does not matter what they think. There perception of you is informed by their perception of reality, so it has nothing to do with you. Remove your attention from the opinions of others and simply focus on anything you like in the moment.

We suggest that you try an experiment. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are limitless. You are loving. You are accepting. This is who you really are. How can you prove this to yourself? If you are the most wonderful person in the universe (because the universe revolves around you) then how would you prove this to be true? Well, if you knew you were the most wonderful person in the universe (because it's actually your universe), then you would be free from fear. If you were free from fear, what would be different? You would not care what others thought because no matter what they thought, it would have no affect on you. If you didn't care what they thought, then you would love and accept them as they are because their words and actions could have no effect on you.

Isn't that interesting? The only reason you are annoyed by someone is because they bring up some fear in you. If you had no fears, you could not feel negative emotion in reaction to anyone or anything. The only reason you experience negative emotion is because a fear is triggered. The fear is triggered because you've chosen a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, it is not possible to feel fear.

Let's experiment with that idea. We want you to buy a journal and every day you will write down some experience of negative emotion. Just pick one or two. If you feel negative emotion, no matter the strength or intensity, write it down. Now, it is caused by fear, so you must identify the fear. There may be many fears around a single negative emotion. You you must have also taken a limited perspective. This perspective you've chosen is different from the perspective of your inner self. Do you believe in your inner self? This is a highly beneficial belief because it means that you are not here alone. You have a guide who can see things from a much higher, broader, and wiser perspective.

Your inner self is you, so you can trust the higher version of you.

Now write down your emotion, then write your fears, then describe your limited perspective which initiated the fears, then write down your inner self's perspective. You will notice that your fears are irrational and your limited perspective is flawed. This will reduce the intensity of your limiting beliefs. Once you have altered the intensity of your set of beliefs, your reality will shift. When it shifts, it will be noticeable. When your reality changes, you can observe and document the change. That should be enough evidence for you.

So are you the most wonderful person in your universe? Yes, since your universe revolves around you. Are you the most wonderful person in the world? Yes, since your world literally revolves around you. You must think of yourself as this attractive being and you attract that which you focus your attention on. You bring things toward you. You repel nothing. This is an attractive universe and every living thing is emitting a vibration. Things are drawn to that vibration, so you are constantly bringing in new things. You attracted us and we were sucked into your pull. You see, you are the center and you bring everything toward you. As the most wonderful person in the world, you attract wonderful things.

With our love and abundance of energy,
We are Joshua