Emma Question #16


Hi Joshua,

My Law of Attraction coach says the universe will show us what we are willing to settle for, and that if we stop settling for things that aren't really what we want, the universe will be able to bring in things that are actually what we want. I have recently watched videos of two other coaches (who I resonate with) say something similar. What's your take on this idea?


Dear Emma,

The universe will show you everything. That's the mechanism of physical reality. It's just like the mirror that reveals all the detail of your face. There's no way to hide anything that is being reflected by the mirror. That's the purpose of the mirror. You want to see it all.

You aren't really settling for anything, you are simply limiting it. You are a limitless being living in physical reality and you are choosing to apply limitations to your life. This is fine. This is why you came here. You came to experience something you cannot experience in nonphysical reality; limitations. You choose to be limited by fear, or you choose to expand in love. It's always your choice.

The reason you believe you have limitations is due to your feelings of worthiness. Wouldn't you agree that if you truly felt worthy of anything, then there would be no limitations. It's just irrational fear which keeps you apart from that which you desire. You settle because you fear you are not worthy of more. Not only is this fear false and irrational, it defies the basic premise of the universe.

You are literally a integral part of All That Is. You are Source Energy. You are one with All That IS. You are All That Is. You are God. You came here as part of All That Is to experience life from a new perspective; one that had never been experienced before. Without your contribution, All That Is would be lass than it is. The universe is perfect and you are also perfect. You can not get it wrong. All you can do is apply limits on your experience of life and that is not wrong either.

Let's say you took a trip to Disneyland. You paid your ticket and entered through the gates. You have the entire park to explore. Would you believe that some rides are off limits to you? Would you think that you would not be allowed to go on certain attractions? Of course not. You paid your ticket just like everyone else. Now, does that mean you have to ride every single ride? That would be silly. You get to ride or not ride any attraction and that is your choice. You cannot make a wrong choice.

If you walked up to the Matterhorn and you chose not to ride it, well that is perfectly acceptable. It might be too scary. The line might be too long. It might make you sick. Those are all fine reasons. However, if you believed that you were not good enough to ride the Matterhorn, that's a different story.

You have a comfort zone and it is good to push the limits of that when you are vibrationally ready. However, some things may not be interesting to you or may not seem like much fun. That is fine. You do not feel ready. However, you must separate that from the feeling of worthiness. You are worthy of anything you desire. You might not be ready for all that you want, but you are certainly worthy of it.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count. They all know your worthiness and you can know it too.

With our love,
We are Joshua