Emma Question #15


Hi Joshua,

I feel like I am really starting to get now that my love life is just a reflection of how I feel about myself. I now see that it is ridiculous that I have been feeling not got enough and I want to stop that. How can to work to change this? Is it just with practice? Faking it 'til I make it? Imagining what being confident and secure would feel like and practicing that feeling?


Dear Emma,

Imagine that you go through life thinking that some people are higher quality and others are lower quality and your main goal is to be with those who are higher in quality so that you will feel good about yourself. You have been led to believe that their are levels of quality, worthiness, etc. Now we come and tell you that there are no levels and no one is any better or worse than anyone else. All are equal, all are one, and all are evolving into the highest version of themselves as beings of pure positive love. All anyone is ever doing is being a limited version of their true self.

So now you can see that you are as worthy as anyone else? If someone appears to be attractive, to be intelligent, to be confident, to be worthy, etc. it is still a limited version of who they are. You can't know what lies beneath the facade. Maybe they are allowing well-being to flow or maybe they are resisting. You cannot know. It doesn't matter anyway. You may look at someone who seems to be struggling with certain aspects of their life, yet they may have specifically chosen this so that they could experience reality in a specific way. They may be exploring an aspect of reality at a very high vibration. You cannot know.

Here you are, living what feels like an individual experience of reality in a sea of billions of people and you are trying to make your way. When you look to the outside world for validation, it cannot be received. There will always be those who you imagine to be superior and those you imagine to be inferior. The only solution is to discard that manner of thinking and embrace a new paradigm. You are a creator. Your creation is your experience of reality. You can create anything you desire as long as you look at reality as a very fun illusion and a wonderful game. The most important thing to remember is that nothing serious or important is going on here. It is all meant to be fun.

See yourself not as one fragile individual fighting for survival and trying to make her way up the quality ladder, but as the one at the top of the ladder. You are the center of your universe, which means that everything revolves around you. You are the only one who matters in your universe. This is contrary to what you've been led to believe, we know, but nothing could be more true. You are your own creation. You are creating a life by design from intentions you set prior to your birth.

Look at where you are now. You are living in a certain part of the world and that is from an intention you set prior to your birth. Look at your family. Look at your interests. Look at your achievements. Look at the fact that you are interested in the laws of the universe and now you are in direct communication with infinite intelligence. Many people have asked a question or two, but you are only one of a handful of people in the history of your society who has engaged in a conversation such as this. That is something quite remarkable.

And yet you choose to accept a limited version of yourself. Also remarkable. There is simply no avoiding the fact that you are worthy and unique. If you continue to judge others, then you will continue to judge yourself. See yourself as worthy and also see every single other human being as worthy also. Eliminate your definitions. Eliminate the games. Eliminate the roles you play. Do what you want to do. Be who you want to be. See what comes to you when you no longer look for signs of quality, but rather look for signs of allowing. Find the other allowers. Find those living life as who they really are. Be one of those people. Be authentic. Be vulnerable and laugh at yourself. Forget about what others may think of you because you cannot know and it cannot matter. You are not able to control the opinions of others, all you can control is your own opinions.

Have the opinion that you are the transparent one who can finally remove the facade designed to fool people and then choose to become your authentic self. We promise you one thing. When you become the authentic version of Emma, without concern for what anyone else thinks, without judgment of another, doing whatever you like to do, living the way you want to live, you will not concern yourself with the opinions of others. It will not matter. Your true desire is to be an inspiration to others as a shining example of alignment and allowing.

With our Love,
We are Joshua