Emma Question #13


Hi Joshua,

In response to your question in the last answer, if a movie star messaged me I would feel excited about this because it would make me feel unique and special. I would be using this as permission to feel good about myself, and that would feel good because seeing myself as worthy aligns with the perspective of my inner being, who knows I am always worthy. So are you hinting that I only enjoy receiving attention from guys I deem to be good enough to make me feel worthy?

This has got me thinking more. Anytime I am feeling good it is because I have chosen a higher perspective, and anytime I feel bad I am focusing in a fear-based manner. So that means anytime I experience contrast, the contrast is simply me choosing a limited perspective instead of a higher one. The actual event itself isn't bad, I am just viewing it this way. When I experience contrast it causes me to birth more desires. But all a desire is, is me looking at something else and deciding it is better (using judgment). Viewing this other option as better feels good to me because my inner being agrees it is good, because it sees everything as good and right. So does this mean contrast and desires don't really exist? As all it is is me either taking a perspective that agrees with my inner being or doesn't? If my inner being is always focussed in a higher perspective, sees everything as right, and feels no resistance, then how can it be focussing on just my desires? How can my inner being have desires when it doesn't experience resistance?

Wouldn't it just be focussing on loving everything??

I also wanted to ask about where to draw the line with the whole exploring all options idea. Like say, if I was at a big buffet dinner, are you saying I need to try all of the foods there because they are in my reality and therefore are a match to me? Are you saying I should say yes to every single guy who pops up on tinder? Or apply for all jobs that pop up in my inbox from job alerts? It's thinking of situations like these where I start to find it hard to comprehend this idea. I really want to understand it though, I feel like once this properly "clicks" for me, it will be a big shift!


Dear Emma,

It is interesting to understand how you would feel if a movie star or pop idol was interested in you. You would choose a perspective that allowed you to feel good and in alignment with your inner self. Very good indeed. However, if someone that you thought was below your standards was interested in you, you would not feel as good or even good at all. Why is that? This is the question we want you to think about. You are worthy. You are unique. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Why do you let the conditions that appear in your outer world influence how you feel? Why aren't you feeling good first and then choosing the perspective that keeps you feeling good?

Anytime you are feeling good it is because you have chosen the higher perspective. That is right. Anytime you are feeling bad means you have chosen a limited or false perspective which is based in some limiting belief which is based in some irrational and therefore false fear. When you experience contrast, it is because you are looking at the subject from a limited perspective. This might cause you to birth a desire, but often that desire is for that thing you do not like to disappear from your reality. It is a desire to push away something unwanted and you know that cannot work in an attractive universe. Contrast causes desire and the creation of desire is always a good thing and the experience of contrast causes expansion and you came here to expand. So contrast has it's positive aspects, just like everything else. However, your premise that without contrast you cannot create desires is false.

You can think about how you would like to feel right now without having encountered any contrast. How would you like to feel? What specific feeling do you think you would enjoy? Think of that feeling and then let it go. That's all you have to do. Be general, not specific. Don't fill in the blanks yourself, let the universe do that for you. Just think about a specific type of feeling without all the description and imagination of the proper path to this newly created desire. The universe will bring it to you if you allow it.

So then, what is next? You will be guided toward the culmination of your desire. You might have to undergo a bit of belief modification in order for the most elegant manifestation of your desire to be realized. So your belief system must be open and malleable. When something comes your way, don't discount it so quickly. Why did it come? What's the purpose? Is there fear present? What's that all about? Dig a little deeper. Scratch the surface. Investigate. There might be something there.

No you don't have to swipe right on everyone. All we are saying is that the universe is presenting you with conditions that either match how you are feeling now or are moving you in the direction of how you want to feel. Sometimes there's more to the story. Sometimes there is something to be gained in an interaction that you might otherwise avoid or ignore. Think about how you feel in the moment and about how you want to feel in the future. Work on that feeling and leave the rest to the universe. You will be enchanted by how wonderfully it all works out.

With our love,