Emma Question #12


Hi Joshua,

Today I have been thinking about how you said to me I should look at opportunities that come into my life that I make excuses for and think about doing them anyway. To get out of my comfort zone and expand more rapidly. When you say this, do you mean for things that the idea of excite or interest me, but I have fear of actually doing them? I know everything is right, I should love and accept everything and everyone, but we still have preferences, right? So I don't have to personally like everything do I? We each have our own tastes in life. Meaning, I don't have to say yes to opportunities that really don't interest me in the first place?

An example is this guy who has started messaging me on Facebook. I just already knew I wasn't interested in him, but I decided to write back to him, partly because of what you have been saying to me, and partly because I felt bad for ignoring him. Well now he keeps messaging me. This is something that happens to me a lot actually, guys who I am not interested in messaging me. I'm not really sure what to do in these situations, because I feel resistance towards ignoring them, and I also feel resistance towards getting stuck in conversations I don't even want to be in. I guess how this ties in to my first paragraph is, do I really have to explore any opportunity (like a guy I'm not interested in messaging me), or am I being challenged to not put up with things like this?


Dear Emma,

We are reaching a very high vibrational level of thinking here and it may sound a bit unrealistic to you. You are still operating in a dualistic way. Some things are good, other things are bad. Some things are right, others are wrong. Up is the opposite of down. Something cannot be up and down, for instance. This is simply an illusion caused by your perspective as a physical being surrounded by physical things on a physical planet. But it is an illusion. Everything is right. Nothing is inherently wrong. You can choose to believe that something is right or wrong or both, but that does not define in the absolute. It is always, always your judgment.

So why do you exercise your judgment in the first place? Why do you look at something and instantly decide if it is right or wrong, good or Bad? What is the purpose of that? It is simply a short cut. You are faced with many decisions and so you've adopted this quick and easy way of navigating your reality. But there is more to the story. What if everything that entered your reality was right, but it just didn't look right to you at the time? What if you were given a book, but you did not like the cover? Well, if you received one book a month, then not reading the book simply because you didn't like the cover would not make any sense. However, if you received one hundred books a day, you would have to rely on some filter to weed out the books so you could pick the one that is best for you. However, the universe does not work this way. If you received one book, it would be the perfect book for you at the perfect time. If you received one hundred books, they would all be for your benefit. We know, this seems overwhelming.

So what are you to do?

Investigate rather than discriminate. If something comes to you, it is not an accident. You might have fear about what it means and this is perfectly natural. You might look at something and fear that you will not get anything out of it, but this is an irrational fear in a perfect universe. It cannot come if it is not a vibrational match to you. Your fear causes you to not allow it to enter your velvet rope. You ignore it or push it away. But you attracted it. Why? Is it a problem to be solved, or an answer to a question, or a chance to analyze a limiting belief, or a step toward the manifestation of a desire? You can't know until you investigate.

We understand that fear often prevents you from moving forward and that you can trust your instincts. You do not want to lead people on or hurt their feelings. You do not want the relationship to get out of control. However, you are the one in control. You are the one who attracts. This is your reality. No one can enter your reality unless they are a match in some way. Think about that before you judge and maybe look a little deeper into the matter before you cast it away thinking you know what you prefer.

You cannot see how all your desires will manifest, but the universe can. You do not really know what beliefs must be challenged, but the universe does. You cannot see that far down the road, but your inner self can. Think about why you are interested in what you are interested in. Think about why you prefer some things and not others. Think about why you get excited and why you do not. What are you really focusing on and why? If you were being messaged by a movie star or a pop idol, would that be more exciting? Why?