Emma Question #11


Hi Joshua,

I want to ask about the degree of soothing resistance. I think I have a perception that if I soothe a negative feeling "correctly" then I will feel suddenly amazing and really happy again. Sometimes when I realise I am in a negative state and I reach for all sorts of different thoughts to soothe it, I feel a little bit better, but still have a bit of anxiety there in the background, even though I have reached for all the better feeling thoughts I can think of in that moment. Does this mean I haven't done a good enough job of soothing the emotion, or is the anxiety just a left over feeling from the momentum of the previous negative focus?

Also, does my inner being actually have a pretty good idea of how I am going to react to any manifestation event, meaning I was pulled into the manifestation event purposely to make me act/think in that certain predicted way? And therefore no matter what perspective I end up taking after a manifestation event, it is an important step for me, so I don't even need to worry about if I'm handling the event "right"?


Dear Emma,

We will endeavor to explain the process in terms that make sense to you. When you feel negative emotion, what you are actually doing is choosing a perspective that causes you to feel fear. Think about it like this: you have the option to choose any perspective you like. In the case of positive emotion, you have chosen the higher perspective and this causes you to experience positive emotion. You could have chosen any perspective and based on which perspective you choose, it elicits a feeling of fear, elation, or something in between. If you found a perspective and that caused you to feel elation, then you found a very higher perspective indeed. If you look at something and feel despair, then you have found a very, very limited perspective.

Guess what? The choice of perspective is up to you. You're not just choosing a perspective to make you feel good or better, you are choosing the perspective that is either limiting or empowering. It is your reality, so it is your choice and you can absolutely choose any perspective you like.

When you feel negative emotion, you have chosen a limited perspective and now you have another choice to make. You can continue to feel negative emotion by maintaining this perspective, or you can reach for a higher perspective. You can reframe the event, the condition, or the situation. You do not need anyone's permission to do this. You do it because you want to feel better because you want to consciously create a better-feeling future by being proactive, not reactive.

Once you find yourself feeling negative emotion, there is some momentum there and you're work is to clean it up and try to find a perspective that soothes you into feeling a bit better. All we ask is that you start to do this work whenever you experience negative emotion and react in an empowering way rather than as a victim. Feeling a little bit better is very good. You might not go from some low emotion like disappointment to sheer joy in five seconds, but maybe in five seconds you can feel a bit better and by tomorrow you can be experiencing joy again.

The universe knows what you want and how you need to change in order to become a match to what you want. The universe can do several things. It can place you in a situation where you experience contrast and from that contrast you will birth a strong desire. You might encounter manifestation events that will alert you to irrational fear, limited perspectives, and limiting beliefs. If you choose, you can analyze your fears and examine your beliefs. If you resist, you might create new desires. However, it will all come a little easier when you first realize that you are worthy of everything you want and since you are unique, your desires are created for you, not for anyone else.

Your inner self knows you and accepts you as you are because your inner self is you and can see your reality from a much higher perspective. If you were living as the full expression of who you are, you would be living in physical reality as your inner self. Your inner self is the most evolved aspect of you and is without fear. Therefore, there is no resistance within your inner self.

You might birth a desire and believe that you are not worthy of it or that the desire is wrong, not respectable, not appropriate, not feasible, etc. These beliefs are all limiting and based in fear. You can have, be, and do anything you want. You are worthy of any desire and all desires that you create are perfectly appropriate for you. If you have an interest in something, it is appropriate for you. As long as your desire is not to make you feel worthy, special, or unique, it is a true desire. You are already worthy, special, and unique, so there is no need to prove that to yourself or anyone else. That would be a false desire and while you could achieve whatever goal you think would make you feel better about yourself, it would not make you feel worthy, special, or unique. That is something you must accomplish on your own, on the inside.

Your inner self sees every situation from the higher perspective because your inner self can see the road ahead. If you feel negative emotion, it simply means that your perspective is off. Your inner self is focusing without distraction on your desire in every single moment. When you lose focus by believing that something wrong is happening, you'll be reminded of that fact through the emotion you are feeling. It is all just fear that your desire is not manifesting while in fact, it is.

We will say for the sake of simplicity that the universe (via Law of Attraction) is moving the pieces around and placing you in situations in order to alter your vibration in some way so that you can transform into the version of you that is ready for what you want. Your inner self holds onto the perfect perspective. If your perspective matches the one held by your inner self, you will feel good. If it is a little different, you will feel slight negative emotion. If it is very different, you will feel intense negative emotion. If it is perfectly aligned with your inner self's perspective, you will feel exhilaration, joy, exuberance, goosebumps, excitement, glee, fun, etc.

All manifestation events are valuable no matter how you handle the event. If you accept the information provided by the event and move through it in joy (or at least calm), you receive the benefit without resistance. If you feel intense negative emotion during the event, but soothe yourself by finding the higher perspective and you think about why you felt fear, then you have adjusted your vibration despite the resistance you initially offered. However, if you call the event wrong, look to change the conditions so the event won't happen again, ignore your negative emotions, and do not adjust your beliefs, well you simply encounter more and more manifestation events designed to alter your beliefs. If you continue to resist, you will cause stress on the body. The manifestation events will manifest in more powerful and obvious physical ways and you will come to a point where you must face the facts. You could describe this as rock bottom. It is still beneficial because the experience will cause expansion, but the ride is just a lot bumpier than it needs to be.

With Love,