Emma Question #10


Hi Joshua,

In question #6 you said the following:

"If you can feel good about yourself and accept yourself as worthy, unique and perfect as you are, and evolving everyday, then you can start to focus on your true desires. Now, since you don't really know what they are or how they will eventually manifest, why not allow everything to be right as it is and go with the flow of life?"

So since the desires I consciously have right now may not even be true desires, should I just forget about desires altogether? Should I just stop focusing on things that I want to happen in the future, expect nothing specific and instead just trust things that I like will always be flowing to me, and be excited by the fact they will be a surprise? Every time I start thinking towards the future, should I just bring my attention back to the present moment and think about things that feel good, and things I appreciate in my life right now?

On the topic of feelings, I also have this question: do feelings come before thoughts? I know you spoke about this in one of your books, and if I remember correctly, you said feelings come first. The little theory I have in my head about this is that who we are, our soul or essence in this body, switches to a certain energy or vibration. Then we get physical feedback of what sort of vibration we are at by feeling feelings. And then as we feel feelings we receive/translate thoughts that match these feelings and the initial vibration we aligned with. If this theory is somewhat correct, then what is the mechanism for how we just switch to different energies? Is it our consciousness that exists before thought or language? Is it something that's just hard to explain in physical terms?


Dear Emma,

Let's explain the system of physical reality. You exist happily in nonphysical and you wish to expand who you are as an eternal being and so you go forth into this environment of physical reality, knowing that you will expand as a result. You have been here many times before, but every time is unique. You have experienced many things in physical reality and there are one or more subjects you would like to explore in more detail. So you set some intentions and you choose your parents and the time and place of your birth in order to launch you on a trajectory toward what you want to explore.

Now you come to Earth and you are living a life as this incarnation know as Emma. You find yourself where you are living where you do have the beliefs that you have and coming to understand more about who you really are, why you're really here, and how the whole system works. What an interesting place to be! So, knowing what you know now, what do you think is the best way to operate in this reality?

You know that you came here to explore certain things, yet you might not know what they are yet. You know you have picked up some beneficial and limiting beliefs from others just as you had intended. You know that you have a lot of irrational fears, but until now, you did not know how to deal with them or why it is important to reduce their intensity. You also have some beliefs that have been transferred to you simply by the culture in which you find yourself attached to. Now, do you need to release all this and start over? Not at all. You chose all this and you are now at the perfect starting point.

Moving forward from this point you can either allow the universe to bring you all that you truly desire or you can go out and try to get those things that you think you want. It doesn't matter either way because you came here for the expansion provided by experience. Since you will have experiences no matter what you choose to do, your intentions will be satisfied. However, one path works with the laws of the universe and is smooth and easy while the other works in opposition to those laws and is quite a bit more bumpy.

You don't know what you truly want and even if you did, you could never map out the path to it. Your perspective is limited. If you become attached to a desire, you will want to know how it is going to come and that will create some distress, since theres no way to know. That's why we say relax. Relax in the moment without worrying about the future or regretting the past. Just enjoy this moment as it is without asking it to be different. All you have to do is work on feeling good and in a good-feeling state, be aware of the signs. The signs will be all around you. You will be inspired to buy a book, talk to a friend, take a new road, watch a show, or search for something on the internet. In an open state of consciousness, you will be guided step by step to what you truly desire.

While you are here, we ask that you feel good. The feeling comes before the thought. When you feel good, you attract good-feeling thoughts. This is true. When you feel bad, you attract bad-feeling thoughts. The feeling precedes the thought which activates the emotion. Intend to feel good and you will be on track, receiving thoughts and inspiration, and moving toward your desire. When you feel good, you switch to the energy of your inner self and you are aligned with who you really are and you're on the path to receive that which you truly want. That is the switch. Feeling good turns it on and feeling bad turns it off.

You can focus on your desires as long as it makes you feel good. You can think about a nice future because it makes you feel good. Anything that helps you to feel good is a good thing indeed. However, when you think of your future and you worry that you are not doing the right things to make that future come true, then you are making yourself feel bad and that removes you from the future you desire. Think about any future you want but do not become attached to the specifics. It will all work out much better and more elegantly if you simply trust that the universe knows exactly what you truly want and how to bring you to it.

You will be brought to the future you desire. You are not a vibrational match to that future now and so it does not exist in your reality. In order to become a match, you must change. You must alter your beliefs and approach to life in such a way that you become a match to the person you will be in your future. The universe will transform you through a series of manifestation events that will test your beliefs. If you go along with these events without resisting them, then you will have a good time on the way to your future. If you continue to view certain things as bad or wrong, you are just fighting the process and making it harder on yourself.

Let's give you an example. Let's imagine that you desire a mate to share a happy life with and to do all the things you want to do with that special person. In order to meet and develop a relationship with this person, you must have a different set of beliefs. Let's say that in order to modify those beliefs, you must go through one or more serious relationships. Those relationships will run their course and will end so that you will be ready for the person who you truly want. However, as these initial relationships play out, you will feel as if each of them could or should be the final one.

You will fool yourself into believing that these starting relationships have the potential to become life-long relationships. You will try to coerce the conditions including your partner and your own behavior because you will be trying to map out a path to everlasting happiness. However, these relationships were meant to be a fun experience while altering some of your beliefs. You were meant to have a good time along the way, but you created an attachment to a very specific outcome. When things seemed like they were moving in the direction of the outcome you chose, then you were happy. But if something happened that gave you a fear that this relationship is not the one that will last forever, you received feedback in the form of negative emotion. This is a manifestation event and this is your resistance to what is.

The universe knows that the relationship you truly want is down the road a bit. You think that this is the one. Your inner self is trying to tell you that you are looking at the subject from a limited perspective and so it sends you feedback in the form of negative emotion. At this point you are supposed to stop and think about why you're feeling negative emotion. You are supposed to find the fear. You are supposed to realize that the fear is false because the universe is bringing you everything you need when you need it at the perfect time in the most elegant way possible. So stop being fearful and start having fun in the moment. Nothing bad is happening, it's all part of the plan.

Imagine if you knew what was going to happen in your future. Imagine if you could see your life from the perspective of a sixty-year-old Emma. You know how it all unfolds. You would have done things differently. You would not have felt fear. You would not have gotten upset. You would have had much more fun. You would have taken things much less seriously. You would have had more confidence and faith. You would have believed in yourself more. You would have focused on yourself more. You would have enjoyed yourself more. You would have done more things, had more friends and certainly would have entered and exited relationships a lot more easily.

So yes, go with the flow of life. When an opportunity presents itself and you avoid it by making up an excuse, think about it a bit more. Why did this opportunity come up in your reality? What is it for? Is it for your highest good? Then take it and see what happens.

You are being led, step by step. In some cases, you accept the guidance and act on the opportunity. In other cases you resist the guidance and you do not act when inspired to act. You take some steps, but not others. Think about each thing and then think about your fears (or your reasons why it's not a good idea) and then think about doing it anyway. When you take more steps, especially those that are out of your comfort zone, you expand more rapidly. There is no rush, but you did not come here to play it safe.

With our love,
We are Joshua