One On One Program

If you have reached a place in your life where you are seeking more personalized answers to questions regarding your specific life experience, you will be fascinated with Joshua's One on One Program. This is an in-depth, twenty-six week journey of self-awareness and self-discovery. This is a question-driven program that will cause you to delve much deeper into certain aspects of universal law and physical reality that affect your life specifically.

You are living a unique life experience and have a set of beliefs that cause you to view your life from a limited perspective. There is no getting around this fact, it is just how physical reality works. Often, you are unable to see what's right in front of you. Joshua can view your world from the broader, wiser perspective of the nonphysical. They will bring you to a new level of awareness that will allow you to see your life from their perspective. Once this is accomplished, all things are possible.

Your current view of your life is limited by your beliefs and attitudes about yourself, others in your life, and your environment. Your life unfolds based on your vibration which is emitted from the predominance of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations. If these things change, your world changes as a result. If you feel better, your life magically improves.

The process involves asking many questions as they arise within you over twenty six weeks. Most people ask four to five questions per week which is the minimum required, but you may ask many more. The more questions you ask, the more insight you'll receive. These are questions pertaining to your life and your experience. Joshua will always answer questions relative to your personal life, even if a question is about someone or something else.

The only thing that really matters in this physical reality is how you feel. Your feelings create your reality. Joshua will help you to feel better about every aspect of your life and your beliefs will change. When you can look at things from the higher perspective, you will be able to diminish the intensity of those negative and limiting beliefs that make you feel stuck and which hold you apart from the life you desire.

You create your own reality based on the thoughts you think, the feelings you have, and the beliefs you hold. Whether you are interested in creating loving relationships, taking your career or business to the next level, improving your health and well-being, or moving to another level of spiritual awareness, Joshua's One on One program will radically improve your experience of life.

The cost of this program is just $147 per week with a 12-week commitment. Due to time constraints, Joshua (and Gary) can only work with a limited number of individuals at a time. If you would like to participate in a One on One program with Joshua, please complete the form below.

"You are loved more than you can imagine," - Joshua