One On One

  • Astrid Question #101

    Things are speeding up for me, I am excited!

    So a few of my questions have been about my lack of a boyfriend and my limiting beliefs about myself, that I am boring and so on. When I talked about that huge fear of mine in the Call, that I am unlovable and lack what others have that makes people love them, I had a strong reaction and a meltdown shortly after. After a few days I was able to sort it out and now I feel a new kind of confidence and security in myself. I feel grounded and complete, at least more than I used to.

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  • Astrid Question #102

    I have been trying for so long to figure out this one by myself, but I can't seem to find the right fear.

    I can't stand loud people. People who take up a lot of space, who don't feel ashamed or feel the need to moderate who they are. I totally see the insanity in my thoughts and yet I can't overcome it.

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  • Astrid Question #103

    Could you talk to me about the concept of being kind? I have this rule, this idea that we should be kind to each other. But even if I do something to be nice, kind, or helpful to someone else, I can never really know if it IS kind or helpful or nice? So I am just doing it for myself, to feel good, because I believe it is a good thing to do this and so when I do it, I can give myself a pat on the back. And if I do it because I want them to be happy, it's because them being happy makes me happy... And sometimes I might do the thing that makes them happy, but it is not really what they need and so in the long run it will not be kind.

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  • Astrid Question #104

    I snapped at the Roundtable today. The others were talking about something I was not interested in, and so I snapped and tried to change the conditions. It wasn't super ugly or an intense reaction on my part but there WAS a reaction.

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  • Astrid Question #105

    I like spending money, I like it a lot. I really like spending a lot of money, the big bucks, treating myself to some luxury. Is this based in some limiting belief? Even though I enjoy it, I also sometimes feel I should not be spending so much, or preferably as little as possible. After all I don't NEED luxury items. So am I trying to probe my worth by spending money or getting expensive things? Would it be better for me to try and spend as little as possible or is that then just my fear of lack? I feel like I deserve whatever I want, and of course I deserve the best. I honestly don't see why I should not have it...

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  • Astrid Question #106

    I still catch myself trying to control other people and the conditions around me. It is amazing really how much energy I spend on this, how detailed I am and how often I do it!

    I know it's impossible to control the mirror. I know it is unnecessary, as I am already taken care of, and everything happens for me, without my control. So I catch myself, usually afterwards (don't yet notice it in the moment), and try to let go. What I find is that I have been physically straining myself just by thinking these thoughts of how I need to control or change something that already is. I think this is a bigger deal to me than I thought it was...

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  • Astrid Question #107

    I am going nowhere. Again. I feel I am bumping up against a wall, I can't seem to find the path around it. I want to find my passion, I am done with this hanging around doing nothing. Straight to the goal. And I can't think of a thing, not one single thing.

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  • Astrid Question #108

    Today my Mom & Stepdad was at my place to put some silicone in the shower. To help me, because that is what they do, without wanting anything in return, every time I ask them. They always show up, fully equipped, any time I need them.

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  • Astrid Question #109

    You said, "Why not make up something that is fascinating? You know why you do not do this? Fear."

    Fear of what? Of the responsibility of being the greatness that I am? Fear of the power this brings?

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  • Astrid Question #110

    It seems to me like if I am to do what I want, then I will need to walk over other people and be an asshole. So either I can feel the pain of holding myself back, and know that I didn't hurt anyone. Or I can do what I want and push people out of my way to GET my way. And then living with the knowing that I walk all over people to get my way.

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  • Astrid Question #111

    Fun how you were talking about exactly what I'm reading in the latest book. Thanks!

    So all this stuff I'm reading about energies coming in from space onto Earth, Pleidians and all that, is that true? Or am I using it to excuse what is going on inside me?

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  • Astrid Question #112

    Correct me where I am wrong, please:

    I am a part of the "body", force, or Source that created the Universe, the planets, the stars. I am like you. I am as close to Source as you are. If I see you as valuable then I must give this value to myself, for we are the same. You are love, I am love. I am only love, so the parts of me that are not love are not really me. I have always been here and always will be here. I am of the Source that breathes life into all things. Does that mean that I am life? If I am OF Source then AM I Source? My fingers are fingers, but they are also my body. I can't say they are just fingers, because they ARE my body.

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  • Astrid Question #113

    This is exciting, things are shifting aren't they?

    The conversations I have when I am alone, who am I talking with? Should I call my doctor? Haha...

    Is it my Ego, my Self, or my guides?

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  • Astrid Question #114

    I find so much comfort in the fact that time is an illusion. That is a relief. It makes it easier to understand that there is no need to worry. It makes it easier to not have to plan for the future. It feels better to know that I don't need to get anything done by a certain time or that I should use my time better. Because I will always have now, just now and all of now. And being eternal means I never need to rush. I will always get another now. Shit, I forgot my question...

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  • Astrid Question #115

    I was rejected today. Except I wasn't of course, I only asked a question and got NO for an answer. No big deal. I think actually it was even "Yes but not now", but I perceived it as NO, and then as rejection. It got me thinking, because my reaction was way off. I realised that to me every "No" is taken as a rejection of me. It means I am wrong, which means I am bad, and I am rejected. All this out of an innocent word!

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  • Astrid Question #116

    Could you explain the relationship between the love you feel, the feeling, and the love that I am, and the love that is Source?

    Is it the same? Does my love-feeling have an intelligence or a consciousness?

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  • Astrid Question #117

    How do I change to get more friends?

    The friends I have, our relationships seem to just go to dust. No drama, we just don't seem to have that connection anymore. I get it though. I don't have a job to bitch about, boyfriend to talk about, kids or a big house to discuss, and I rarely get super drunk anymore. I think I am too focused on this LOA, Joshua, Energy & Ascension stuff. When I mention Joshua stuff or try to put a positive spin on things, the people I talk to scrunch up their face like I farted, and they don't know what to say. Or they'll say that's just bullshit, haha...

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  • Astrid Question #118

    Why did you say my ability to focus is going to become more and more important? Is shit going to hit the fan, and if so, what kind of shit?

    Or did you mean that soon I will be so gorgeous and rich that it will take all my focus to drag myself away from the mirror and my Private Jet? See how I turned the focus there?

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  • Astrid Question #119

    Something is going on. I am so so angry. My brave body is working overtime on this. I am angry at anyone and no one, probably most of all myself. And you of course, you are an easy target.

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  • Astrid Question #120

    Today I talked to Kyla. I thought we were talking about her, for her. In the middle of this conversation she said something about how she thinks all bodies are beautiful, and how she had always wanted more curves when she was younger.

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  • Astrid Question #121

    Lately I've been in a few manifestation events concerning my lack of employment and lack of income.

    The first one was when I met (by conicidence... haha) an old friend. We went to school together when we were kids. It was fun to see her again and she was happy to see me etc, and then she told me she is a dancer and asked what did I work with... So I told her I was unemployed and loved it. It felt good to say it, and she responded in a way that felt good to me. So all good.

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  • Astrid Question #122

    Still working on worthiness, or the feeling of not being worthy.

    I've noticed that I feel like I have to be number One, the best, to feel loved. When I feel like I am special because I am the best, or loved exclusively, then I feel worthy. Which is total bullshit, I know.

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  • Astrid Question #123

    After asking you that question about my sweaty hands, of course I encountered a manifestation event. It's been years since I really thought a lot about this so I guess it's coming up for clearing.

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  • Astrid Question #124

    I guess I feel like I have come to a point where I no longer have the concept of improval to guide me.

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  • Astrid Question #125

    I'm reading all the Q&As on the website, and guessing this is helping me stay in a higher vibration - I am having so many aha-moments. Fun!

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  • Astrid Question #126

    When I feel like you are not giving me enough credit, when I think your positive words are you being sarcastic, is that because I am not giving myself enough credit? And so I project it onto you?

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  • Astrid Question #127

    You have asked me again and again what I want. Now I know. This is what I want:

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  • Astrid Question #128

    Is my consciousness centered somewhere in my body? Like the third eye or somewhere else? Is my consciousness also outside of my body? Is space (like time) real or an illusion? Is there physical space between me the human and my inner Self? Is the non-physical "home" away from me, measured in distance/space or is this a dimension sort of stacked on top of the dimension I live in?

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  • Astrid Question #129

    Thanks for that extra message of support, Lakeshma. So much is coming up for release again.

    I have this belief that people shouldn't love me, because it just hurts them. I hurt them, by not being how they want or expect me to be. So it is better for them if they don't love me.

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  • Astrid Question #130

    In the process of accepting myself, I once again find myself eating too much. I feel shame. I feel bad. Looking to create new thought patterns I am wondering if it is in my best interest to accept even this part of me?

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  • Astrid Question #131

    Are diets and working out just devices to reduce our limiting beliefs? Like money, I mean. So the actual shaping is done by thoughts and intentions but working out and dieting helps us believe in the possibility if these changes?

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  • Astrid Question #132

    When I am around Americans and in the US (as opposed to Americans in Norway, or Norwegians in Norway) I feel so much more confident, and even more socially capable or skilled. How is that possible? I should feel worse right, not being my first language and not being all accustomed to the social rules.

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  • Astrid Question #133

    Today my Mom picked me up at the Airport and drove me home. She had decorated it with balloons and stuff, and bought flowers. One of the gifts was a photo collage of me in different settings, with friends and family, from probably 2-3 years old up to now. She has never done anything like this before, we don't do things like this. I am amazed.

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  • Astrid Question #134

    I recently was able to say "you're right" in a conversation where I thought I was right. I felt proud of myself for choosing to keep the interactions positive over my need to feel like I was right. And we were both right, weren't we?

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  • Astrid Question #135

    I don't like it when Kyla talks. She takes up a lot of space. She talks all the time and she talks for a long time. She seems to think she is allowed to take up this space and she is not ashamed to do all this.

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  • Astrid Question #136

    My reality is me, reflected back to me. I am not in it, it IS me. Yes?

    So if I see myself as larger, then my world will expand too?

    If I see myself as beautiful, my world will be reflected back to me as more beautiful, or I will be able to see more of the beauty in it?

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  • Astrid Question #137

    I have quite a big fear of losing the life I have now, as far as money and abundance goes. I have it all now: money to do, travel where and how and when I want. I have a nice place to live, money to eat out and buy the things I want. I have the money to do what I want, not just what I need. It's so good and I fear losing it. I love spending money on all of this and I do it quite freely...

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  • Astrid Question #138

    Is the important thing to be physically close and interacting?

    Or me being open and speaking up and interacting?

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  • Astrid Question #139

    So I've started a blog and posted on Facebook, public.

    I'm going to try to be louder all over, bit the fear is still that I am not doing enough and will money. Fear of being broke again, and/or having to work seems to override all others...

    So there you go.

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  • Astrid Question #140

    First of all, I'm not ever doing this again. This is my last life! Neeever again!

    So, tell me more, and specifically could you explain and expand on these topics:

    1) but by maintaining this need for material security, you will be missing on so much more.

    Why? Why will I miss out? Money is enabling me to travel, to go on a cruise, to socialize and eat and drink and mix with people.

    2) Instead think about your need to control the uncontrollable. When you give up your fear of loss, you'll feel better and as a result, you will receive much more than money.

    What is uncontrollable? Other people?

    And what the fuck, maybe next time I can learn to go with the flow??? Losing my job, trusting the U is providing for me, going on a cruise with people I've never met, paying to talk to Spirit for 6 months, putting all my innermost personal and vulnerable questions on a website and then posting a blog with additional vulnerable feelings and thoughts is not going with the flow?! What the hell?? I need to live on the streets to be "going with the flow"??? What are you smoking?

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  • Astrid Question #141

    Meltdown over!

    So, how do I perceive money in this new approach? Would it be good for me to intend to manifest what I want without money? So that I deliberately make an effort to not depend on money even if I have enough to buy what I want right now? Is this doable?

    I think you know me well enough to deliberately push my buttons. You know fear of one thing is the only way to make lazy me do another thing I also fear. And you have said this thing about money before and I didn't care enough to try it, so you do it this way instead to get me interested. Because you know how stubborn I am.

    I accept the explosive and reactionary part of me. I know it is out of fear but right now, as I am, this is also a part of me. I also know it is safe to show this to you as you can't ever love me less. I know there is a better approach but I accept this version of me also.

    So, confidence in my abilities to handle what the Universe brings me (out of love), as well as trusting my millions? I find trusting myself is a bit harder, but I intend to choose to believe that I am Power.

    Tell me more about this new approach, please, my beloved ones.

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  • Astrid Question #142

    I think I missed something between the last 2 questions. Can't quite catch it though...

    So I try to control the conditions. By avoiding people I think I don't like? By avoiding situations I have not enjoyed in the past? But everyone has preferences? I think I am so used to this controlling that I don't even know when I do it. I don't understand. Could you tell me more about how and when I control, and what I could do instead in those situations?

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  • Astrid Question #143

    Raziel wanted me to know about Egypt, or the gods and priests. And that this was somehow connected to my blog or writing.

    Can you tell me more specifics? Is this related to abilities I have but do not yet know about? I am not sure what to see as I read about it, there is not any thing that immediately clicked as I read it.

    I greatly appreciate your communicating to me through all these channels, and how quickly your answers come to me. What does this escalation in communication mean?

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  • Astrid Question #144

    Seeking blocks receiving. I need to find some way of being around other people more. Otherwise the Universe will make me homeless. Okay so that is my fear. My point was this: can I let my helpers find this thing for me? Can I let it COME TO me or do I have to go get it? I guess I know, I just want you to reassure me.

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  • Astrid Question #145

    Last night I felt a physical pain around my heart. Must be fear again. I thought I managed to deal with it then, but today it is back.

    I thought it might be fear of failing. I'm supposed to be around people and interact, but suddenly this weekend all my friends are away or busy with other things. Even my Mom! So now I am sort of freaking out because I am not doing my job! Yes I know, my job is only to feel good, but that is not really true though is it? My job is to feel good, follow inspiration, be with other people and receive "negative" feedback and still be happy. So now I am failing at this. And when I do interact everyone is always nice to me! I never meet anyone who is not nice to me!

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  • Astrid Question #146

    When I feel love, for myself or for others or just love in itself, where does this energy go? Does it materialize somewhere? Does it energize something? Does it add to something somewhere? Is it tangible or visual as a vibration somewhere?

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  • Astrid Question #147

    You wrote, "Instead of seeing how far you've already come, why not imagine how far you are going to go?"

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  • Astrid Question #148

    I have a limiting belief around groups. When I am in a group, I automatically think they are a group and I am on the outside. Even in groups where I know I am an insider, this feeling comes up. In most cases I also see them as all against me. I know it is irrational, I know that it is all in my head. I also know that by deliberately removing myself from any group (as I have a tendency to do), I also make this manifestation come true all on my own. I create separation where there is no separation. This imagined separation then dictates my behavior, where I pull away from the group in fear of being rejected, and then of course I am outside of the group and can prove my belief to be correct.

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  • Astrid Question #149

    You said travel sickness is just resistance. What about gluten intolerance? I've only had this a few years, maybe 5, so I'm thinking this might also be an emotional resistance thing? Is it? Is there a way to be able to heal it so I can go back to eating all those delicious cakes and pizza? If so, can you help me locate the fear?

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  • Astrid Question #150

    I'd like to know more about this energy exchange. Is there an actual exchange? How can someone who is neutral, as in not dominant/subordinate stabilize a group? Is this not a subjective perception of energy? Can one person affect this exchange of energy? Is this not sort of forcing my neutral perception on others?

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  • Astrid Question #151

    Is value real? Or is it like "polite"?

    If we are all Source, and Source is it all, then there is only "is" and "is not"? So all there is Love and Not Love? When I am of Source it is meaningless to try to find my value as I simply am. And how can I find it when it cannot be measured? If all I am is Love and Love is all there is then I am all there is? Or?

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  • Astrid Question #152

    So what you are saying is that what controls my energy is my level of feeling worthy in the exact situation? As in feeling equally valuable or valid in the situation as the other person or the rest of the group? I am trying to get a grip on how to not give away my energy, is that all a matter of feeling equally worthy as the other party? For instance, sometimes people are very loud and energetic, in a happy way, and it is overwhelming to me. I just need to retreat and find peace. Is this all due to me feeling less worthy? Or can the actual energy exchange feel too much, or too heavy even if I am not directly involved bit more a third party?

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  • Astrid Question #153

    I received a message from the Arcturians. Are they part of you? I'd like to know what planet I lived at. Why is this so interesting to me, why did it leave such a mark on me that I feel it now?

    What skills or gifts did I have that I brought with me here?

    I expect you will not answer these questions and tell me to focus on here and now. I am. And I would like to integrate this part of me into here and now. If you choose to not answer can you please explain why?

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  • Astrid Question #154

    Can you explain what it means to be telepathic? Do I both send AND receive communication telepathically or only one way? Can other people read me like I read them?

    You say only fear can block the receiving. You mean that I am blocking myself from receiving the communication?

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  • Astrid Question #155

    Could you be wrong about me being telepathic? Or I guess I misunderstood your communication? (Only half joking there)

    I had a manifestation event around communication today. Makes me even more confused.

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  • Astrid Question #156

    So when I asked you: "What skills or gifts did I have that I brought with me here?" and you answered: "In this reality, which is consumed with fear, others cannot see your intent, but you are still a telepathic being and you communicate telepathically whether you know you do or not."

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  • Astrid Question #157

    If I am to communicate only from a place of love, or always with love, how can I be open and honest? You tell me to expose myself and let others see me. But who I am not is not always loving and happy. If I am to be me and be open and show myself to the world, that also means letting people see what we call the darker side of me, my fear and my struggle. So part of what I communicate is also fear, because that is part of me right now.

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  • Astrid Question #158

    Every day this past week and more I have had manifestation events showing me I need to clear up my feelings of unworthiness. And that I need to build my feeling of worth on who I really am, not on my skills or what I can do or provide for others.

    am going to do what I did with my feelings about my body. I will admire myself every day and find at least an few things to admire every day. I can add on as I feel more sure of myself later on.

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  • Astrid Question #159

    I found an article about 3 laws. It only explained the last one, so could you please explain all of them for me?

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  • Astrid Question #160

    I get so confused talking to you.

    So now I need to focus on my inner being, focus inward, right? Try again and more often to connect with my Higher Self. Okay.

    But are you asking me to stop the channelings with Kimberley? Why do I think that you are not pleased with this? Are you telling me I focus too much on this Star Child thing?

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  • Astrid Question #161

    Why am I creating you to be a demanding group who asks me to do something I can't?

    In our discussions, I told you about the needy guy who wanted things from me I could not or would not give. Now you ask me to do something I can't do.

    Am I seeing myself as someone who can't do what is needed? Is this a fear of not being enough on my own?

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  • Astrid Question #162

    Is there a difference between the energy within my body and the energy outside of it? Is my energy, the energy of my "being" outside of my body too? Is there an actual line where I can say this is inside of my energy and this is outside? When I am manipulating energy as in manifesting, is it me changing the energy around me that is also part of me? Or is it me changing an energy that is outside of me? But how can it be outside of me if I am part of All that is..?

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  • Astrid Question #164

    Yes it was easy. This is how I talk to myself at night when I can't sleep. And the writing has the same feeling as when I used to write stories for school assignments or write most blog posts.

    What do you mean this is my gift? Everyone can do it, right?

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  • Astrid Question #165

    I am beyond definition. So what if I am that which cannot be seen, cannot be touched, cannot be heard except for as thoughts in your head that sound like your own? What if this me created a reflection that can be seen and touched and heard, so I can look upon what is me?

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  • Astrid Question #166

    You say, "Show it to my friends," but my friends can all do this for themselves, so what is the point in having them read this when they can do it just as good themselves?

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  • Astrid Question #167

    After spending 5 days on vacation with my friends I am exhausted. I am so much slower now. I get tired simply from doing things in the normal speed that they live in and I used to live in. I seem to need more quiet time and more breaks. Why?

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  • Astrid Question #170

    Am I talking to the same group that Gary is? And Arnaud and Jennifer and Emma and Kyla? Is it all the same group? Is it always the same entities that make up the group or does it vary from day to day?

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  • Astrid Question #171

    After starting or finding out about this channeling thing, I seem to have lost the desire for exploring everything else. I have no interest in getting anymore channelings from Kimberley, I don't care about Atlantis or my Star-lives, I certainly don't care about this Mystery School that I signed up for and was so excited about before. It has lost it's appeal to me. I don't care about the rest of that group's path, and when they find new information about Egypt or other Gods, I just couldn't care less.

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  • Astrid Question #172

    I am so exhausted. I have headaches, dizzy spells, cold sweats, and general lethargy. I don't know what specifically I am resisting and how to let go.

    Can you help me?

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  • Astrid Question #175

    Thank you for all we have pushed through together. Thank you for saving me from the darkness, and guiding me to all this.

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  • Astrid Question #176

    I have felt empty and lost for over a month. I am getting better now but I don't understand what this is. What is happening?

    And the channeling is sort of stopped too. I feel kind of bored, it is not evolving... I have no idea what to do now!

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  • Astrid Question #177

    I can't seem to pick up on my next step. I want to move forward again but I am totally blank as to what that would look like or where I want to go. Can you give me a nudge like last time with finding the channeling?

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  • Astrid Question #178

    I don't get it. I know what to do because I have enough examples around me?

    The examples I see are videos or taking questions from other people. I did questions from other people in the beginning and it was just silly and boring. Is this what I should try again?

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